About Us

Hi there.

Don't stop until you're proud — a philosophy we live by and one that has helped to make our runEZ dream come true. We are cousins who love getting out and about and we thought we would let you in on a little secret to make getting outside a little easier. We believe in you.

In 2018, we signed up to conquer our first half marathon. We were pumped and started training as soon as we signed up. We’ll admit it — we were amateurs. We kept our phones in our bras... and this is when we learnt that sweat and tech don’t go so well together.

So, we created the runEZ Hip Bags. We wanted a fun and simple product, to hold our little things while we trained. We knew it had to be comfortable, water resistant, hold our phones and look stylish. 

We trained at dusk and sometimes at dawn, which meant we were often running in the dark. With safety in mind, we created the LIT edition, a Hip Bag with an LED light — helping us light up the streets each time we hit the pavement!

We are helping free up your hands so you can enjoy life, no matter the journey. Let us worry about the little things, while you make the magic happen.

Don't stop until you're proud.

Tara and Deb x